Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 Monthly Bee Meeting
Members in attendance:

Bruce Barnes

Charles McDaniel

Kevin Hale

Becky Fontes

Charles Francis

Charlotte Dombroskas

Bobby, Lori and Ashley Fore

Jim Coss

Brandon Thorpe

Justin Thorpe

Whitney Allen

Gary Lewis


Bruce called the meeting to order at 6:30PM.

Meeting was held at the Bath County Extension Center!  Charles Francis gave invocation.  Lori Fore read minutes from last meeting.  Charles McDaniel made motion to accept them as read and it was seconded by Charles Francis.  Motion passed.

Charles McDaniel gave the treasurer’s report and we have $2613.30 in account.  Bobby Fore made motion to accept report and Jim Coss seconded it.  Motion carried. 

Gabe Brown from Ky Bank needs the meeting minutes and officers to sign a new signature card. 

Nominations were held and new officers were elected. 

Bruce Barnes was elected for President.

Kevin Hale was elected for Vice President. 

Betsy Meadows was elected for Treasurer. Gary Lewis will be helping with Treasurer, too. 

Becky Fontes was elected Secretary.

 Congratulations to all. 

Bruce talked about this past year and all the things that the association has accomplished.  The next couple of months we need to be thinking about what we want the association to do within the next year as well as the next five years.

Jim Coss requested help with finalizing the speakers for the bee school.  Bobby Fore volunteered and will be meeting with Jim to help out.

Kerry Taylor, from the Maysville Community and Technical College has been promoting the bee school.

Bruce spoke to several Ky Farm Bureau’s and they will not be able to donate anything for the bee school this year.  Bobby Fore will be calling Carl Alfry from the Mountain Bee Keepers and see what information Carl has as it relates to the food for the Bee School and for additional donations.  Also Bobby will be checking with Gary Hamilton about the Pre-Registration for the school.

Be thinking about what you would like to help with during the Bee School.  A lot of help will be needed if we would like this school to go well.  The registration tables are going to need to have at least 6 people helping.

Charles Francis made a motion to adjourn and Jim Coss seconded. 

If you did not make this meeting, please plan to join us next month at the Bath County Extension office on 10 Feb at 6:30pm as usual.  We will be finalizing the bee school.  Please plan on attending.