Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LRBA Monthly Meeting November 11, 2013

Members in attendance:
Bruce & Regina Barnes
Jim Coss
Joseph Littleton
Kevin Hale
Becky Fontes
Gary Lewis
Bobby, Lori and Ashley Fore
Non Members:
Carrie Taylor
Dennis Perry

Bruce called the meeting to order at 6:30PM.

Gary gave the invocation.

Lori read October meeting minutes; Ashley made motion to accept them as read.  Jim seconded and motion carried.

Gary Lewis made motion to give LRBA Buttons from O’hana Button Mill to New LRBA members at registration.  Ashley seconded the motion and it passed.

The upcoming Bee School was the main topic of discussion during this meeting.  The school will be held in Maysville at the Maysville Community and Technical College, 1755 US Hwy 68, Maysville, KY  41056.

We are in the planning stages on getting speakers, the food vendors, as well as equipment and craft vendors who wish to sell their wares. The date of the upcoming school will be February 22, 2014.

Jim is working on speakers for the school, which will be all lined up by Jan 1.  Bruce is working on donations.  Bobby is working on contacting the TV stations and newspapers.  Carrie Taylor will try to get the Bee School on the school Marquee and bulletin board.

Jim made a motion to extend the time that we are able to stay in the building by two hours, for cleanup purposes.  Joseph seconded and motion passed.

Members will still continue to pay for registration.  Vendors will not pay for table, however, they will be paying $5.00 a head for lunch.  They are to donate something for the door prizes as well.  Bobby made a motion, it was seconded by Gary and motion carried.

Becky made motion to allow Jim $300.00 for bringing in the keynote speaker to the school.  Kevin seconded and motion carried. 

Dennis Perry will be e-mailing his ag students about our bee school when all the details are ironed out.

This year we will be passing out evaluations at the bee school.  That way we will hopefully get some feedback for next year. 

Gary Lewis made a motion to adjourn and Ashley seconded.  Motion carried.